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Welcome to the Honeycutt,Cook,Collier & Profitt Home Page ( 2 )

Just A Little More...Please


I thought since my other site was just about to explode,I would just start another site & link to the original.This will still cover all the basic surnames I search on a regular basis...and a few others like..BENGE....BRAHE....BLAIR.

So,be kind enough to have patience with me & offer your advice & assistance freely.

Thumb through the Family Album

As you can see,I have no photo's at this time,but,with a family like mine ...it should'nt take long

Family Reunion Preparation

I know there is a COOK family reunion scheduled & I will get the facts ,post them here when I can

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This is a great place to keep in contact with everyone.Pass along helpful information,and meet new family members.I hope.

I have found a couple of interesting facts on my COLLIER family & their location,which really surprised me as they lived in Wise Va for a while,now I can search here also,who knows what I might find...

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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please drop a line to P.O.Box 2207 Wise,Va 24293 webmaster@smithfamily.com.